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Industry Alliance

To consolidate the industry-academy collaboration for some specific area, we also encourage firms of related industries to build up industrial alliances. The offices of alliances will be located in STUST to support and maintain our long-term cooperation with them, and increase interactions between our faculty and the firms.

STUST is currently in cooperation with Tainan Creative Arts and Culture Association (TCACA) in order to establish the connection of digital content industry between TCACA and Kaohsiung Software Technology Park and build up the most extraordinary environment of creative arts in Taiwan. Moreover, to support the policy of establishing the “Digital Content Industry” in southern Taiwan, STUST will promote to build up “Animation-Comics Alliance”, and aim to enhance the value of production of this industry.

So far, STUST has already founded “Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Alliance”, “Taiwan Precision Machinery and Mould Alliance”, and “Roller Lamination Technology Alliance”. Besides, we enthusiastically participate in the activities of regional industry organizations. Through collecting questions and information from the industry, providing excellent professional service, promoting technology transformation and commercialization of patents, and student internship/employment matching, our interactions with industries would be strengthened.