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Industry Forum Platform

In order to collect the demands of the industry, STUST has already been intensively in touch with some important industrial organizations in Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung, including SMEs Volunteer Association, Cheng Ta Business Administration Association, Business Women Academy of STUST, Chinese Small & Medium Enterprise Inter-Industry Association, manufacture associations of each industrial park, and industrial associations and alliances, etc.

In order to have more interaction with the industry, Center of Academia and Industry Collaboration (CAIC) of STUST has established an Industry Forum Platform. The forum is currently located on the 4th floor of a newly built Energy Engineering Hall, to invite all the organizations and enterprises to have interaction with us, so that we are able to explore the problems and demands the industries are facing. Meanwhile, we may also increase the opportunities of interaction between our faculty and enterprises.

CAIC will conduct the preliminary study and integration of the compiled opinions, and College of Business and Management then proceed further analysis and research for the problems in industry development to identify the issues to be discussed by the Industry-Academy Forum (IAF). On IAF, the experts will deliver the profound discussion of key issues and propose the recommendation of policy making to the government. Moreover, CAIA will activate the regular industry-academy cooperation mechanism of STUST to meet the manpower or technology demands from the enterprises.