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Brief Introduction of CAIC

Industry-Academy Promotion Division, Intellectual Property Added Value for Technology Transfer Division, and Industry-Academy Administrative Service Division has been established under “Center of Academia and Industry Collaboration”(CAIC) to further assist industry-academy cooperation, strengthen patent commercialization, and improve effectiveness of administrative support.

The CAIC hired professional managers to assist the integration and value-addition of cross-field technologies, patent portfolio and commercialization, promotion of technology transfer and matching of the industry and the academy. Furthermore, we will also build up a single contact window for industry-academy linking service, to advance industry-academy interaction as well as service performance, and participation in the investment and management of the industry.

Both CAIC and “Center of Innovative Incubator” promote academy-run enterprises and cultivate their business. In the meantime, they will also use the management system referring to those internationally well-recognized industry-academy institutes such as ISIS Innovation Ltd., the University of Oxford, UK and UNS (National University of Singapore) to organize and manage the net profit and fund donated by alumni, directors, and the industry as the consolidated foundation in a long run.